The Foam Roller That Goes With You Anywhere

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Introducing Neofit Roller, a revolutionary collapsible foam roller that’s so compact it fits in even the smallest bag. Be fit. Anywhere.

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Sore, tight muscles and joints travel with you. Your foam roller should too.

And now it does.

Hate leaving your foam roller behind?

Now you don't have to.



At just 4 inches, Neofit Roller goes anywhere you do.

Business trips, long-haul travel, vacations, to the gym, track or sports field or simply in the office. 

Just toss it in any bag and go.

Foam Rolling Has Never Been So Convenient

Full Rolling Experience

Expanding to 12 inches, Neofit Roller hits even the largest muscle groups like quads, back and hamstrings. 

And an industry-standard 5.5-inch diameter gives maximum myofascial release.

Connects With Your Body

Precisely-configured foam contours to your body to...

  • Hit deep into muscles and trigger points
  • Break down muscle tightness, adhesions and stiffness
  • Maximize recovery and performance
  • Enhance joint health, mobility and flexibility.

Patent-Pending Design

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